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La Belle Lucie

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La Belle Lucie

La Belle Lucie is a pile based card game in the same genre as Shamrocks, Cruel, and Trefoil.

La Belle Lucie starts with 18 piles. All the piles but one start with 3 cards in them, and you can build the piles down by suit. This makes the game really difficult because you don't have many options for building down the piles. Also, like many other pile games, once all the cards from a pile have been removed you can't restart a pile. Your goal is to build up the foundations from Ace to King by suit.

The game would be nearly impossible if you couldn't shuffle the cards. You can press the 'Shuffle' button up to 3 times in a game, and when you do all the cards are picked up, shuffles, and redealt into piles of 3 again. You are likely to lose some piles because of this. And since you only can do this 3 times, you want to hold off until there is nothing left you can do.

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